Bleep Fitness Test
Android - Perform the mutli-stage Bleep Fitness Test to determine your true level of fitness. It is designed to push your stamina and endurance to the limit.

Daily Ab Workout
Android - Daily Ab Workout is a 5 to 10 minute daily ab routine that steps through ten of the best ab-sculpting exercises.

First Aid
Android - First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or support other people by giving them instructions. It is based on illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how to take the necessary action step by step and in the right order.

Android - Track, measure, and improve your fitness. RunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map.

Android - Track your fitness, challenge friends and send them peptalks in real-time. Use your mobile as a free personal trainer and social fitness partner! Endomondo makes fitness fun and is ideal for running, cycling, walking etc.

Sports Rules
Android - This app contains 18 of the most common sports played in Physical Education classrooms with the fundamental rules and other important information required to play a game. Teachers can confidently and quickly review rules in preparation for their classes or share the app with students to involve them in the umpiring role.

Instant Heart Rate
Android - Turns your phone / tablet into a heart rate monitor. Quick and accurate.

For iOS Devices....

CoachNote (£2.99)
Draw, plan and create sports plays and tactics

TFGU Games (£1.49)
TGfU Games PE was developed to help physical and health education professionals incorporate fun in lessons aimed at keeping children active.

Instant Replay
Record and share sports analysis

Living Lung
Multimedia view of the lung

Slow motion video analysis

Basketball PE (£0.69)
Includes games and activities designed to learn the principles of basketball.

Soccer PE (£0.69)
Includes games and activities designed to learn the principles of football

PE Games
Over 100 PE games in a variety of categories

Sports Rules - For PE Teachers & Coaches
Easy reference of popular sports and their associated rules.

fitnessMeter - Test & Measure (£1.49)
Advanced timing and measurement tool for fitness testing.

iCoachView (£6.99)
Motion analysis

Sportalyzer Pro (£3.99)
Analyze movements in sports

Cardio Buddy (£1.49)
Determines heart rate from a distance

iPerformance Sport
Sport and performance psychology app

Dartfish Express (£2.99)
Improve sporting performance

BaM Video Delay (£2.99)
Motion analysis

GPS fitness tracking for runners