From August 2012, all S1 were issued with a Toshiba AT-100 tablet that can be used in school or at home.

From Aug 2013 all S3 students were issued with iPad minis.

Our intentions are to continue to deliver improvements in the quality of learning and teaching through active engagement in the use of ICT to support learning.

Staff will be encouraged to innovate and explore new methodologies that enhance and stimulate learners experiences and deliver a richer and more active learning environment.

Students will be required to take greater responsibility for aspects of their own learning and engage more with teachers on a one-to-one level discussing aspects of their learning, through existing social media technologies.

Please explore this site where you will find a wide range of both Android and iOS apps to assist with the enhancement of Learning and Teaching using technology. There is also a wide range of supporting web links that are a huge resource for digital learning.

Here's a great link for staff who are starting out using an iPad...